Public Safety

As a member of the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, I have been a staunch advocate for neighborhood safety, supporting increased investments in our Sheriff's Department and Fire Department (Cal Fire) to ensure the well-being and security of our community.

I firmly believe in the vital role of law enforcement agencies in maintaining public safety. I have consistently supported our dedicated law enforcement professionals and will continue to advocate for their needs, including adequate resources, training, and support. Given the high quality of life in our community, San Luis Obispo should be a draw for the best and brightest law enforcement officials in the professio tn to come to our county. The board must play it’s part and make sure that we are providing competitive compensation and institutional support retain and recruit those high quality deputies.

Increased fire danger, the ever-threat of earthquakes, and the multitude of other potential disasters means that we must have a well-prepared and responsive emergency management system. I have vigilantly worked to enhance our emergency services, including disaster response capabilities, to safeguard our community during times of crisis.

I will continue to prioritize neighborhood safety, working diligently to secure the necessary resources, partnerships, and initiatives that foster a safe and secure San Luis Obispo County for all its residents.


Family farms are the backbone of our county's agricultural heritage, and I am deeply committed to protecting and supporting them through responsible water management policies. Throughout my time as a Supervisor, I have been a vocal advocate for addressing the unique challenges faced by family farmers, with regards to water availability and affordability.

Working collaboratively with local farmers, agricultural organizations, and water agencies we need to develop sustainable water solutions that support family farms while preserving our water resources for future generations.

At the county, we must continue to invest in water storage and conveyance to guarantee access to water during increasingly unpredictable periods of drought. Protecting and preserving the quality of our groundwater is paramount for the long-term success of family farms. I will champion efforts to monitor and manage groundwater resources effectively, preventing contamination and ensuring sustainable agricultural practices.

Together, we can preserve the legacy of family farms in San Luis Obispo County by championing their water needs, ensuring their economic viability, and securing a prosperous agricultural future.

Fiscal Responsibility

I believe one of the most important jobs of a county supervisor is to maintain fiscal responsibility and be a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars. I am dedicated to promoting responsible budgeting practices that prioritize essential services such as public safety, homelessness, and water while minimizing unnecessary expenditures and maintaining a balanced budget.

Each year, during the budget process I work towards identifying opportunities for cost savings, streamlining government processes, and eliminating wasteful spending.

I recognize the importance of investing in our community's long-term sustainability. I support initiatives that promote economic growth, job creation, and sustainable development that increase the tax base, without increasing tax rates.

Throughout my time on the board, I have opposed unnecessary tax hikes on working families. In an inflationary economy like this one families deserve relief rather than additional financial strain.

Together, we can build a financially resilient San Luis Obispo County that balances the delivery of quality public services with responsible fiscal stewardship.