About John Peschong

John Peschong is a small independent business owner, taxpayer advocate, and proud husband and father.

Supervisor John Peschong was sworn in on January 3rd, 2017 to serve a 4-year term as the San Luis Obispo County First District Supervisor. John was re-elected to his second, and final, term in 2020. The First District includes the City of Paso Robles as well as the communities of Templeton, Adelaida, Roblar, Heritage Ranch, San Miguel, Shandon, Oak Shores, and Whitley Gardens.

As a County Supervisor, John served two consecutive years as Chairman of the Board in 2017 and 2018. John currently serves as an appointee to the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC), the Golden State Finance Authority, and Cal-ID Board. He is also serving as the Vice Chair of the Air Pollution Control District (APCD), Vice President of the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG), and sits on the board of the Consolidated Oversight Board and the Integrated Waste Management Authority (IWMA). John previously served on the California State Association of Counties (CSAC), the Latino Outreach Council, the Homeless Services Oversight Council, and the Economic Vitality Corporation.

A third-generation Californian, Peschong is the founder and co-owner of a small independent business that provides nearly twenty-five jobs for residents both in the region and throughout the state.

John has served as a member and supporter of the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Advisory Foundation, the Templeton Education Foundation, the Paso Robles Children’s Museum, the San Luis Obispo County YMCA and local 4-H. He is committed to ensuring that the children of San Luis Obispo County have the opportunity to grow up in a safe and supportive environment. In addition to his contributions to local youth organizations, John is dedicated to preserving the agriculture character of San Luis Obispo County and has remained involved with the Cattlemen’s Association and the San Luis Obispo County Farm Bureau.

John was appointed to the California Mid-State Fair Board of Directors where he spent eight years coordinating the annual 12-day fair and programs which educate youth on the important role agriculture plays in the region. Peschong also serves on the board of directors of the California Mid-State Fair’s Heritage Foundation.

John played soccer in college and earned his bachelor’s degree from Loyola Marymount University in 1984. He lives in Templeton with his family.