House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Endorses John Peschong for Supervisor

February 22, 2016
Contact: John Peschong

Templeton, CA— Community leader and small business owner, John Peschong has received the endorsement of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield).

McCarthy is the second highest-ranking member of the House of Representatives and has served the state as a member of Congress since 2006. Originally a small business owner, McCarthy has brought this perspective to both Sacramento and Washington as a leader for his community. In the elected capacity, he has fought to keep taxes low on families and entrepreneurs while promoting policies that spur job-creation.

“We need more leaders like John – those who have real world experience and understand how to craft or reform policies that encourage job creation and keep taxes low,” said McCarthy. “As a Supervisor, John will use his experience to strengthen a community in which he has been devoted for over a decade.”

The former President of the Central Coast Taxpayers Association and the Lincoln Club of San Luis Obispo County, Peschong has dedicated a number of years throughout his career to leading organizations that educate taxpayers and advocate for fiscal responsibility in government. As a Supervisor, he will continue to champion the efficient use of public dollars while working to enhance public safety and create a long-term plan for water storage and supply.

“I am honored to receive the support of Majority Leader McCarthy,” said Peschong. “He is a respected and sincere leader who has greatly impacted the communities and residents for whom he provides a voice.”

John Peschong is running for First District Supervisor, which includes the City of Paso Robles as well as the communities of Templeton, Heritage Ranch, San Miguel, Shandon and Oak Shores. He lives in Templeton with his wife, Anna, and their two children.

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